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Your customers are engaged in commerce everyday using Social Platforms.
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In today's world the smart-phone has become one of the most important and ubiquitous possessions we have.
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Quick-reference codes, for getting media into your audience' hands as fast as possible.
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Getting results online is a process. Not all websites or content work on mobile phones!
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Decided Worth is an independent consulting company focused on teaching the use of multi media platforms for profit. Founded on the principals of good business practice Decided Worth helps people understand what these new media mean to their business and how to get the most out them. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and countless other platforms have been revolutionizing how people create new clients, reach old ones, deal with PR issues and even communicate with employees.

Decide Worth has assembled professionals from the service sector who have years of practical hands on experience using the internet as a part of their business for profit. Not computer techies or the new "Gurus" that are spawned with every revolution in business. These are real business people who use the internet everyday in their practices for the purpose of making their business better. People who have been on the cutting edge technology for years - not to make money from the technology - but to use the technology to make their operations better.

With proper understanding of social media and how it relates to their situation they've proven it's possible to create a plan that incorporates the relevant platforms in a systematic and consistent methodology leading to positive results. Both measured in time savings and profit.

It's important to understand the unlike Search Engine Optimization which we all heard about during the Web 1.0 experience, success in Web 2.0 is not as simple as using the right key words and getting the right back links. There is no one size fits all formula for success. The new web (Web 2.0) has a much greater focus on personality - of the practitioner and of the business character they create. Having a corporate plan that's clear, directed and understood by all is critical to brining your business to today's market place

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